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State of the Art WiFi

Transform WiFi coverage throughout your home or business with a centrally managed wifi network

If you struggle with patchy WiFi you may have tried various remedies. Access points dotted around the house, range extenders, HomePlug devices and so on.

You may still have dead spots, phones, laptops and tablets have to connect to different acess points in different rooms, making it difficult to move around.

Cotswold Wireless can solve these problems by intelligently managing your wifi network - its bult in to all the routers we supply.

This means that our router detects where your device is and hands it between access points within your home, letting you roam from room to room while making a Skype call, or watching a YouTube video - without interruption.

It can even provide a separate guest network - perfect for pubs, bars, shops etc, with social media login to promote your business

We use tiny Wireless-N access points which can be powered from a central switch to minimise wiring and free up precious power outlets. There are even ceiling mounted versions as discrete as a smoke detector.

Just ask us to come and survey your property. We will figure out the ideal location and number of access points and how best to connect them, and provide you with a customised quote.

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