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  • Monthly transfer10 Gb
  • Broadband phone-
  • Email boxes5
£17.99 p.m


  • Monthly transfer20 Gb
  • Broadband phoneYes
  • Email boxes5
£23.99 p.m


  • Monthly transfer40 Gb
  • Broadband PhoneYes
  • Email boxes5
£29.99 p.m


  • Monthly transferUnlimited
  • Broadband PhoneYes
  • Upload speed>5Mb
£35.99 pm

Wireless Broadband


Cotswold Wireless was established in 2004 as a wireless ISP serving rural communities in and around the Cotswolds. Since then we have constantly improved our service using the most up-to-date technologies. We are proud that many of our earliest customers are still with us, so we must be doing something right!

Our wireless networks are fed by high capacity landlines (we don't use satellite) so the speed and latency is equal or better than a good ADSL service, and ideal for voice, VPN and gaming.

We fit a small external receiver to your premises which connects directly to a standard wireless router. Just like any regular broadband connection.

Our wireless packages all run at the fastest speed your location allows - on average up to 20Mbps - the amount you pay dictates the amount you can download each month. We don't do traffic shaping so you get the best possible experience for all internet uses.